Worship Series

Worship Series

Our worship series theme beginning April 30 is “Connect.”


Our recently completed worship series was “5 Marks of a Methodist.”

275 years ago, the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley, wrote a sermon entitled The Character of a Methodist.  In that sermon, he was trying to build the foundation for what a Methodist follower of Jesus Christ looked like.  When we come to Jesus there is initial excitement and joy.  Everything is new, and the overwhelming sense of grace fills our lives for the moment.  But being a deeply committed follower means that we have to move beyond the moment and into an intentional way of living that nourishes the soul and deepens our desire to be led by God’s Spirit.

The Character of a Methodist proposes 5 marks that can build this foundation.  They are as follows:

  • A Methodist follower of Jesus LOVES GOD
  • A Methodist follower of Jesus REJOICES IN GOD
  • A Methodist follower of Jesus GIVES THANKS
  • A Methodist follower of Jesus PRAYS CONSTANTLY
  • A Methodist follower of Jesus LOVES OTHERS
  • Like the solid rock Jesus talked about in Matthew 7:24-25, these five marks can help build a solid footing for our walk with Jesus.  They can become the food that nourishes our spirit so that we can truly be led by God’s Spirit.

During the season of Lent and journey towards Easter, is series of sermons based upon The Five Marks of a Methodist.  Each Sunday we’re looking at one of these foundations and each week we’re having a variety of Lenten Study opportunities for you to dig deeper into what this looks like in your own life.  There’s a traditional Lenten dinner and study on each campus every Wednesday night, as well as morning classes, small groups, and other study groups that are journeying with us.