Welcome from Pastor Rick

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to Shepherd of the Hills! I know there are many different places to worship and experience the presence of God. It is with thanksgiving I welcome your presence here with others like you from our community. Although Shepherd of the Hills has been in Mission Viejo over fifty years, our excitement about following Jesus Christ is still fresh and powerful.

As a congregation, we are made up of a variety of colors, faces, backgrounds and interests. We believe our diversity gives us our distinctive strength. There are people here of different ages and races, all united in our call to fulfill the vision God has given our church. We believe the Lord calls this church to be an active agent in building his world. We do this through gathering people into our church to discover the power of being in community together. We are growing people into the person Jesus is calling them to be, through prayer, study, small groups and other places of spiritual growth. It is our hope people of all walks of life can discover the gifting God is giving them to change the world. Finally, we believe in giving of ourselves to the mission of Jesus in the world. This mission includes justice, mercy, compassion and most of all love.

On behalf of all of us at Shepherd of the Hills, I invite you to be a part of this journey with us. We are a church of concrete faith and concrete action. Here you will find people radically committed to following Jesus Christ as we seek to build His world. Please take some time to explore our website and learn more about this dynamic community of Jesus we call Shepherd of the Hills.

Rick Uhls, Lead Pastor