Sermons by Jon Waterson

Sermons by Jon Waterson

Difficult Words 2

After the feeding of the 5000, the people are still “wowed’ by Jesus’ power. They want to see more. Jesus’ power, even his power to heal, however, are for a higher purpose. Jesus is inviting people into kingdom living, where our priorities are determined by the eternal, timeless, kingdom of God. 

Difficult Words 1

After Jesus fed the 5000, an act of both generosity and power, the people wanted to make him king. They wanted him to exercise “power over” others. But, Jesus was not that kind of king. He rules as a servant, not as a tyrant. 

Words Of The Prophets 3

God is the originator of “tough love.” God does not spare us the earthly consequences of our sin. That is not what grace means. Grace means that we are not defined in God’s eyes by our sin, that God will always provide a “righteous branch” to save God’s people. Will we have eyes to see? Jeremiah 23:1-6

Words Of The Prophets 2 (RSM)

Jeroboam was doing a good job: expanding the kingdom, making the wealthy wealthier, appeasing Baal. In comes an outsider – Amos – who tells the king and his priest that God is taking the full measure of their work, and finds it lacking. Amos 7:7-15.