Sermons from June 2021

Sermons from June 2021

First Fruits 2 (MV)

Many of us struggle with the idea of tithing our money. What about giving 10% of our time? Our patience? Our love? What would happen if you were to test God on this commandment? Try it for one month, and see what happens next! 1 John 3:16-24

First Fruits (MV)

It’s a modern-day American delusion: every thing we have is due to our work. God says something different: it all flows from God. So why are you holding back on your blessings from God? Luke 12:13-21.

One Last Time (RSM)

As Washington was wrapping up his second term, he decided not to run for a third. The US, he said, was a grand idea ,and not about him. And as much as we love Pastor Karl, the church is not about him, either. It is about something MUCH grander, and yet something as simple as sharing a loaf of bread together.