At Home on the Journey – Exodus to Freedom 1

At Home on the Journey – Exodus to Freedom 1

In this powerful sermon, we dive into the scripture lesson from the Book of Genesis, specifically focusing on the call of Abraham and the concept of salvation. The sermon explores the idea that salvation is not merely a future destination but an ongoing journey that we are currently living. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of John Wesley and the timeless stories of our Judeo-Christian tradition, the message emphasizes the importance of salvation in our present lives.

Throughout the sermon, we highlight the notion that salvation involves change and often requires us to leave behind the familiar and step into the unknown. They share engaging anecdotes, including the story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on a camping trip, to illustrate that strange and unexpected things can happen on our journey towards salvation.

The sermon emphasizes the inclusivity of salvation, reminding listeners that it is not limited to any particular faith or belief system. The story of Abraham, considered the spiritual ancestor of many nations, serves as a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and the need for unity among different faith traditions.

Moreover, the sermon challenges the common understanding of salvation as a one-time event and encourages a broader perspective. Salvation is seen as an ongoing process of aligning our lives with God’s intentions and living in communion with God in the present moment. By exploring the theme of salvation from various angles, the sermon invites us to reflect on our own journey and consider how we can experience salvation in our daily lives.

Join us for this thought-provoking sermon that reminds us that the journey itself is our home, and salvation is not a distant destination but a transformative experience we can embrace in the here and now.


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