God Who is Known – A Savior for our Days 3 (MV)

God Who is Known – A Savior for our Days 3 (MV)

Join us on an insightful and inspiring sermon as we dive deep into the powerful words of Jesus during his Farewell Discourse, specifically focusing on John 14:1-14. In this thought-provoking sermon, we explore the profound meaning behind Jesus’ statement, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

Through an engaging discussion, we unravel the essence of Jesus’ inclusive nature, examining how his teachings and actions reveal God’s love and compassion for all. We reflect on the significance of Jesus’ invitation to follow the Way, not just as a belief but as a commitment to live out our faith.

Discover what it truly means to embrace the Way of Christ, as we explore the call to love God wholeheartedly and to extend that love to our neighbors. We delve into the transformative power of sacrificial love, breaking down barriers, and reaching out to the marginalized.

Throughout this message, we are reminded of the ultimate revelation of God’s love and mercy in the person of Jesus. We contemplate how Jesus continually points us to the Father, inviting us into a deeper connection and understanding of God’s character.

Whether you are seeking spiritual guidance, a fresh perspective on faith, or inspiration to live out your beliefs, this sermon offers wisdom and practical insights to help you navigate the journey of faith and love. Join us as we walk the path of Christ, finding fulfillment in the Father’s embrace.


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