In the Breaking of Bread – A Savior for our Days 1 (MV)

In the Breaking of Bread – A Savior for our Days 1 (MV)

In today’s sermon from Shepherd of the Hills, we delve into the transformative power of recognizing the presence of Christ in our lives. In this sermon, we are taken through the gospel reading from Luke 24:13-35, where two disciples on the road to Emmaus encounter Jesus but fail to recognize Him until He breaks bread with them.

We are called to reflect on how often we, like the disciples, can become so focused on what we think is important that we miss the truly important things in life, such as recognizing the presence of Christ around us. The message emphasizes the need for us to be rooted in our faith in order to recognize and welcome Christ into our lives.

Furthermore, the sermon highlights the significance of inviting Christ into our lives and celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion as a way to connect with God. We are encouraged to approach Holy Communion with reverence and awe, recognizing it as an opportunity to come into the presence of Christ and receive His grace.

Join us as we explore the profound message of this sermon and discover how we can cultivate a deeper awareness of Christ’s presence in our daily lives.


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